Information on the worlds tallest Skyscrapers including Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101, and many more

Tallest Skyscrapers

 Tallest Skyscrapers Tallest Skyscrapers

This site is a showcase for the Tallest Skyscrapers and buildings in the world. The word skyscraper was first applied to such buildings in the late 19th century, reflecting public amazement at the tall buildings being built in New York City.

#1 - Burj Khalifa in Dubai 828m/2716ft, 162 Floors
#2 -
Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel
#3 - Taipei 101 in Taipei 509m/1671ft, 101 Floors
#4 - Shanghai World Financial Center 492m/1614ft
#5 - International Commerce Center,484m/1588ft
#6 - Petronas Towers 1+2 452m/1483ft

The structural definition of the word skyscraper was refined later by architectural historians, based on engineering developments of the 1880s that had enabled construction of tall multi-story buildings. This definition was based on the steel skeletonas opposed to constructions of load-bearing masonry, which passed their practical limit in 1891 with Chicago's Monadnock Building. Although Philadelphia's City Hall, completed in 1901, is the world's tallest load-bearing masonry structure - a title to which it still holds claim.

The steel frame developed in stages of increasing self-sufficiency, with several buildings in New York and Chicago advancing the technology that allowed the steel frame to carry a building on its own.

Today, however, many of the tallest skyscrapers are built more or less entirely with reinforced concrete. In the United States today, it is a loose convention to draw the lower limit on what is a skyscraper at 150 metres. Elsewhere, though, a shorter building will sometimes be referred to as a skyscraper, especially if it is said to "dominate" its surroundings. Thus, calling a building a skyscraper will usually, but not always, imply pride and achievement.

More and more skyscrapers, towers and buildings are being built in China and East Asia as there population grows and the race for every city to have more impressive space and buildings takes off.

Tallest Skyscrapers Skyscraper News

London introduces guidance to protect cyclists from wind tunnels created by skyscrapers  Dezeen

The City of London has introduced a set of guidelines for proposed developments to protect pedestrians and cyclists from wind tunnels created by the increasing ...

City of London tightens rules on skyscrapers over wind tunnel fears  The Guardian

Tougher building rules for skyscrapers have been drawn up by the City of London because of concerns that a high-rise, urban microclimate will generate winds ...

New Rules for London's Skyscrapers Favor Pedestrians  ArchDaily

With a very bold and pioneering move, the UK for the first time is prioritizing cyclists and pedestrians. The city is making pressures on skyscrapers by issuing new ...

6 wild concepts for skyscrapers of the future  Fast Company

Supertall buildings don't just have to be places for people to live and work. Futuristic concepts imagine skyscrapers as landfills, forests, data storage towers, and ...

Tuesday briefing: Curbs on wind hazard skyscrapers | World news  The Guardian

London to ban designs that cause dangerous gusts … sudden end to freedom of movement under no deal … and chicken boxes turned back on Home Office.

Flat-packed cities: Wooden skyscrapers sprout over concrete concerns - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post

For more than a century, countries have raced to build the worlds tallest buildings with concrete and steel. Now, a quiet contest in constructing tall wooden ...

7 Skyscrapers Leading the Way to a Green Future  Popular Mechanics

In many ways, skyscrapers came to define the 20th century. Rising out of skeletons of steel, iron, and glass, they showed a new landscape and ecosystem to the ...

Height vs. Hashtags: Where do the world's tallest skyscrapers stack up?  Archinect

With the looming presence social media has over the built environment, iconic buildings have never been easier to track down, especially as platforms like ...

These Are the 25 Tallest Skyscrapers in the World  Reader's Digest

Why make tall buildings? Because we can! From all around the globe, these structures are feats of engineering marvel.

Filtration Skyscrapers in the oceans could "solve environmental and energy problems" around the world  Dezeen

Architectural designer and visualiser Honglin Li has proposed deploying floating high-rise waste-to-energy plants fuelled by plastic to clean up the oceans.

Modernizing The Security Stack: From Trailer Parks To Skyscrapers  Forbes

In the world of IT security, disarray should be considered public enemy No. 1.

Is Philadelphia ready for a big red skyscraper at Schuylkill Yards? | Inga Saffron  The Philadelphia Inquirer

The job of a corporate skyscraper is normally to communicate two essential qualities: power and prestige. The design is not expected to be fun. It is not ...

Experts call for ban on glass skyscrapers to save energy in climate crisis  The Guardian

Air conditioning is used to avoid greenhouse effect but cooling buildings adds to carbon emissions.

How to discover the real Dubai, beyond the skyscrapers and stereotypes  The Telegraph

My stomach turns slightly as I walk on to the glass-bottomed floor at the top of the Dubai Frame. I am standing 500ft up in a giant golden picture frame (this is ...

Wild Concept: Build Trash-Sucking Skyscrapers on Ocean Oil Rigs  Futurism

Architectural designer Honglin Li wants to build a massive skyscraper in the ocean to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Earthquake shook L.A. skyscrapers so hard some got vertigo  Los Angeles Times

Data from seismic sensors in buildings across Southern California show how the 7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake produced surprisingly long periods of shaking in ...

Westferry planning appeal hears evidence in special evening session | Politics  East London Advertiser

Throwing up skyscrapers and ignoring the "step down" rule of gradually decreasing heights coming away from Canary Wharf could spell the end of the Isle of ...

Seized Beijing skyscraper sells online for a 'bargain' $734M  CNN

The dragon-inspired building sold for a bargain $734 million after it was confiscated from an exiled billionaire.

Mori unveils ¥580 billion project to bring record-breaking skyscraper and urban greenery to Tokyo  The Japan Times

The developer behind Tokyo's landmark Roppongi Hills is betting on another upscale project that has been more than 30 years in the making and will require a ...

Upcoming iconic skyscrapers to add more glamour to UAE skyline  Khaleej Times

Dh69b worth of landmark projects are currently underway across the UAE, with Dubai taking the lion's share.

Pangu Plaza: Seized Beijing skyscraper snapped up for £605m in online auction  Sky News

The 40-storey building, estimated to be worth over £824m, was put on sale after being seized from fugitive billionaire Guo Wengui.

a first look inside jean nouvel's 53 west 53 skyscraper in new york  Designboom

53 west 53 - the jean nouvel-designed skyscraper currently under construction next door to new york's MoMA - has unveiled the first images of its interiors.

French 'Spiderman' scales Hong Kong skyscraper with banner urging peace  BBC News

A French climber known as "Spiderman" has scaled a Hong Kong skyscraper and put up a banner urging peace in the city rocked by political unrest.

He promised!, Trump will not build skyscrapers in Greenland.  Newz Wave

US President Donald Trump humorously returned on Monday to his desire to buy Greenland in Denmark, promising not to build a skyscraper on the Arctic island ...

Imagine Power-Generating Skyscrapers  GZERO Media

With power-generating glass, traditional building façades can harvest solar energy and convert it into electricity producing windows. These Smart Windows ...

The Building That Spurred Skyscraper Zoning Gets A $50 Million Restoration  Forbes

When it was completed in 1915, New York's Equitable Building was the largest building in the world.

Master plans unveiled for striking red skyscraper next to 30th Street Station

Brandywine Realty Trust unveiled master plans Thursday for the first two mixed-use towers at Schuylkill Yards, the rapidly-developing area near 30th Street ...

A Trip Through Oman, Where Skyscrapers Are Illegal and Hospitality Runs Deep  Travel+Leisure

For centuries, the quiet Gulf country of Oman was a center of Indian Ocean trade. Now, flush with oil money and with an eye toward a more sustainable.

Convertible Hospital Skyscraper  eVolo

Editors' Choice 2019 Skyscraper Competition. Chih-Ting Yeh Taiwan. Each year, 1,000 or more people die in the war because when military conflicts between ...

Appeals court: Environmental analysis for Hollywood skyscrapers is ‘fatally defective’  Curbed LA

A California appeals court determined Wednesday that the environmental analysis of a $1 billion, skyline-altering development next to Hollywood's iconic ...

Pangu Plaza: Iconic Beijing skyscraper sells for £605 million in online auction  Evening Standard

An iconic Beijing skyscraper which was seized from a fugitive businessman has sold in an online auction for over £600 million. The Pangu Plaza Tower 5 was ...

Air Purification Skyscraper  eVolo

Editors' Choice 2019 Skyscraper Competition. Isra Kamal Khurshed Iraq. Major types of pollution include air pollution, light pollution, noise pollution, thermal ...

The ugliest skyscraper in every state  INSIDER

In every state, there are skyscrapers known for their quirky architecture, like the Batman-inspired AT&T Building in Nashville.

Charlotte skyscraper to sell for a record price; July home sales slide  Charleston Post Courier

CHARLOTTE — A North Carolina developer says it's agreed to purchase Bank of America's new tower in Charlotte in what would be the most expensive office ...

Trump promises not to build giant skyscraper on Greenland

US president tweets picture of skyscraper in remote coastal village.

This Beijing Skyscraper, Seized by Chinese Authorities, Just Sold for $734 Million Online  Robb Report

Beijing's Pangu Plaza, one of the city's most distinctive buildings, sold for $734 million earlier this week in an online auction.

Confiscated skyscraper's fire sale becomes an online hit  The Times

A dragon-headed skyscraper in Beijing has been sold for £610 million in an online auction after being seized by the government from its fugitive owner.

Red tape review opens door for skyscrapers in Hamilton CBD

Removing height restrictions in the central city would be a boon for retailers and developers.

Singapore flag lights up Dubai skyscrapers, Middle East News & Top Stories  The Straits Times

The image of the Singapore flag projected on the facades of the world-renowned Burj Khalifa and Dubai Festival City Mall(far left) last Friday to celebrate ...

Tokyo to seize Osaka's crown with Japan's tallest skyscraper  Nikkei Asian Review

TOKYO -- Japan's capital is set to lay claim to the country's tallest building in 2023, when developer Mori Building aims to complete a 330-meter towe.

Heatherwick Studio reveals designs for "gigantic planted pergola" in Tokyo  Dezeen

Construction has begun on the Heatherwick Studio-designed Toranomon-Azabudai district in central Tokyo, which will include Japan's tallest skyscraper.

'Spiderman' Alain Robert climbs Hong Kong skyscraper | World News  Sky News

The Frenchman ascended to the top of Cheung Kong Centre in about an hour, unveiling a banner promoting peace along the way.

Bee Breeders Announces Winners of SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge  ArchDaily

Bee Breeders announces the winners of the SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge. Architects, design students, engineers, and artists generate ideas for iconic ...

Downtown skyscraper terrace soothes with light art  AV Magazine

A parking garage wall that borders the outdoor terrace of a 35-floor skyscraper in downtown Chicago now plays host to a 95ft by 25¾ft light-art installation ...

Skyscrapers Are Treading New Ground For Modern Day Construction  Pulse Headlines

Skyscrapers have defined the skylines of global cities for over a hundred years and are often indicative of an upwardly mobile city. Always a point of.

Window washer rescued from Chicago skyscraper  WVLT.TV

A window washer was on the 58th floor just after noon when one of the ropes securing him broke.

Live the high life on 'skyscraper street' in Shoreditch:latest new-build flats with a City Road address come with an on-site gym, spa and roof terraces  Homes and Property

Barely 20 years ago, the Square Mile's eastern fringe was a dowdy, lowrise, second-tier commercial zone, unloved by home buyers and renters alike.

A new breed of skyscraper threatens to devastate the fabric of New York  The Architect's Newspaper

Imagine arriving at the Sheep Meadow in Central Park intending to lie on a blanket in the warm afternoon sun, as you have done many times before, only to find ...

Asian billionaires embark on UK spending spree as pound nosedives  The Guardian

China and Hong Kong's super-rich buy up everything from skyscrapers to private schools.

Forest fires in the Amazon blacken the sun in São Paulo  The Economist

IN THE MIDDLE of the afternoon on August 19th South America's largest city went dark. Under a thick, black cloud at 3pm, the lights flickered on in São Paulo's ...

Glancy Nicholls proposes 9.5m-wide skyscraper for Birmingham  Architects Journal

The practice formally handed in documents for the 116.5m-tall, 9.5m-wide scheme at 211 Broad Street, having also recently lodged plans for a 61-storey tower ...

Hong Kong needs visitors more than ever - here's why now is the time to go

In 2018, Hong Kong was the most visited city on earth, welcoming more than 65 million arrivals. This year, the former British colony has been more readily ...

These NYC buildings have the most elevator complaints  Curbed NY

On the heels of the elevator malfunction that killed a man in Kips Bay this week, home search platform has published a list of New York's ten ...

Red Arrows thrill during New York flypast  ITV News

Read Red Arrows thrill during New York flypast latest on ITV News. All the news.

This Company Says It'll Build an Entire Skyscraper in 90 Days  Futurism

Hotel giant Marriott announced in April that it's planning to construct a 26-story skyscraper in New York City in just 90 days.

'French Spider-man' scales Hong Kong skyscraper to hang peace banner  The Independent

Singapore—Nearly a year after a ban in Hong Kong, Alain Robert, commonly known as the 'French Spider-Man' scaled one of the City's skyscrapers on Friday, ...

Yerevan to have $270,000,000 skyscraper

YEREVAN, AUGUST 23, ARMENPRESS. Armenia's Minister of Economy Tigran Khachatryan held a meeting with Laura Investment representatives to discuss ...

Eric Parry's City skyscraper in question as investor pulls out  Architects Journal

Asian developer Perennial Real Estate Holdings has dealt a blow to Eric Parry Architects' approved plans to build the tallest tower in the City of London.

And finally... Chinese fugitive's skyscraper sold on online auction site  Scottish Construction Now

A 44-storey skyscraper in Beijing has been sold for £610 million in an online auction after being seized by the government from its fugitive owner, The Times ...

French 'Spiderman' scales Hong Kong skyscraper to hang 'peace' banner  SBS News

French "Spiderman" climber Alain Robert scaled up Hong Kong's Cheung Kong Center and unfurled a banner with 'a message of peace', as the territory geared ...

Alan Jones ready to raise a toast the final triumph of greed over good  The Age

Alan Jones wants Planning Minister Rob Stokes sacked for not backing the Star casino tower in Pyrmont. Sky's Graham Richardson called Stokes a coward and ...

Downtown Salt Lake City is increasingly a hub for young, tech-savvy workers who live and play among the skyscrapers  Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake City's downtown is thriving — and changing. Young, educated and tech-smart workers are moving into condos and apartments close to their jobs and ...

Scientists have an extreme plan to intercept 'skyscraper' asteroid

The dangers of an asteroid striking the Earth is something that space agencies and scientists around the world are constantly researching. We already know of ...

Benidorm, the pioneering resort disdained in Spain but praised abroad  EL PAIS

Applauded for its sustainability but vilified for triggering mass tourism, the coastal city has some of the most iconic skyscrapers in the country.

Confiscated Bejing skyscraper sold via online auction  Yahoo News

A Beijing skyscraper confiscated from a fugitive Chinese billionaire was sold in an online auction Tuesday for 5.18 billion yuan (US$734 million), the latest twist ...

Floating Skyscraper For Tourism  eVolo

Editors' Choice 2019 Skyscraper Competition. Umut Baykan, Doğuşcan Aladag United Kingdom. Tourism is a socio-economic phenomenon. It enables people ...

Rainier Square skyscraper, set to be second-tallest in Seattle, reaches its full height  Curbed Seattle

It's set to be the second-highest tower in all of Seattle—and as of last week, it already kind of is. The last steel beam was placed on the Rainier Square building ...

Downtown Denver site where 81-story skyscraper was proposed has new buyer KUSA

DENVER — A prime piece of downtown Denver real estate where a developer once proposed to build an 81-story skyscraper — the tallest building by far in the ...

Downtown Denver parking lot eyed for 81-story building sells to different developer  The Denver Post

The land deal that was allegedly going to bring an 81-story skyscraper to downtown Denver fell apart a year an half ago and now the lot has sold to another ...

It was a nice idea: Trahan nixes plans for pencil skyscraper downtown  Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

Architect Trey Trahan has shelved his ambitious plans to develop a 24-story pencil-shaped building of luxury condominiums in downtown Baton Rouge. Trahan ...

Futuristic Floating Filtration Skyscraper to Clean the Oceans  Hydro International

Architectural designer and visualiser Honglin Li has proposed deploying floating high-rise waste-to-energy plants, fuelled by plastic waste, to clean up the ...

Studio Gang Completes the Cosmos-Inspired Skyscraper 40 Tenth Avenue  Architectural Digest

For many, architect Jeanne Gang is best known for designing Aqua, a skyscraper in Chicago that appears to be made not of concrete and metal but of silk and ...

Transamerica Pyramid, a San Francisco landmark, up for sale  San Francisco Chronicle

The Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco's second-tallest building and an icon of the city's financial might for four decades, is being marketed for sale for the ...

U.S. verdict allowing seizure of Iran-linked Manhattan skyscraper is overturned  Reuters

A jury verdict allowing the U.S. government to seize a midtown Manhattan office tower that it said was effectively controlled by Iran was thrown out on Friday by a ...

A bridge across the Irish Sea is a ridiculous idea, but the ferries between Northern Ireland and Scotland are the most expensive in the UK  Slugger O'Toole

When Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil *Service*, Minster for the Union and Novelty Infrastructure Tsar Boris Johnson visited Belfast ...

Deemed too costly to renovate, the Utah Theater site is being eyed for Main Street's next skyscraper  Salt Lake Tribune

Rather than restoring the 101-year-old Utah Theater to its past glory, Salt Lake City officials are eyeing a plan to redevelop the site on Main Street into a new ...

Kengo Kuma Builds Upon Historic Facade in New Seattle Skyscraper  ArchDaily

Kengo Kuma & Associates have proposed a new 40-story mixed-use skyscraper incorporating a historic Gothic Revival facade in Seattle.

Hill West Architects Releases New Renderings for 605-Foot-Tall Skyscraper at 11 Lawton Street in New Rochelle  New York YIMBY

Hill West Architects has released new renderings for 11 Lawton Street, New Rochelle's first skyscraper. YIMBY first reported on the permit filing in June for the ...

Proposed skyscraper to be visible from all over Cork City  Echo Live

IRELAND's tallest building, which is to be built in the heart of Cork City subject to planning permission, will be visible for miles from locations across the city and ...

Operating a Sustainable Skyscraper  The New School News

When the New School building at 66 West 12th Street was constructed in the early 20th century, director Alvin Johnson wanted to create a permanent home for ...

Second Circuit Gets Civil Forfeiture under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Wrong  Just Security

Are foreign states and their property immune from civil forfeiture suits brought by the U.S. government? The Second Circuit recently held that the Foreign ...

Skyscraper At Hudson's Site May Not Be Tallest In Detroit After All  WWJ Newsradio 950

DETROIT (WWJ) -- The skyscraper being erected on the site of the old Hudson's Department Store was supposed to be the tallest building in Michigan, topping ...

dead space by finbarr fallon documents the hyperdense vertical graveyards of hong kong  Designboom

juxtaposed against backgrounds of towering skyscrapers, the dead space images by finbarr fallon present a serene yet uneasy landscape.

NYC Skyscraper Surpasses Chicago's Willis Tower as the Tallest

When you don't have space to expand, you move up. This is the case with many of the new, slender skyscrapers sprouting up all over Manhattan. One building ...

Why are luxury skyscraper tenants being offered a year's FREE travel on Metrolink?  Manchester Evening News

Scheme says it aims to increase public transport use, but has been criticised at a time when working class Mancunians face 'increasing costs'

Robot tests padel racquets, mountains nearly derailed physics career, the skyscraper that did not blow down

Padel is a tennis-like sport with a racquet that looks a bit like a giant table-tennis paddle with a grid of holes in it. Now, researchers at the Polytechnic University ...

FILTRATION is a floating skyscraper envisioned to recycle garbage  Designboom

conceived by US-based architectural designer honglin li, 'FILTRATION' is a floating skyscraper imagined to clean up our seawater by recycling the plastic and ...

Plans revealed for 61-storey skyscraper  Insider Media

Plans for a 61-storey skyscraper, which would be the tallest building in Birmingham, have been revealed as part of a £150m scheme.

Dallas skyscraper owner's Austin offices raided by FBI  Dallas News

Federal investigators are scrutinizing operations of the owners of one of downtown Dallas' skyscrapers.Austin-based investor World Class Holdings...

YIMBY Checks In on the Site of ODA's Tree-Topped Skyscraper at 75 Nassau Street in the Financial District  New York YIMBY

YIMBY checked out 75 Nassau Street, the site of a tree-topped 40-story residential skyscraper designed by ODA and developed by Lexin Capital.

Tokyo skyline soaring to new heights, East Asia News & Top Stories  The Straits Times

Japan's tallest skyscraper will dominate Tokyo's city skyline in March 2023, with developer Mori Building yesterday unveiling a new mega-project on the fringe of ...

Odile Decq Unveils Her First Residential Skyscraper in Barcelona  ArchDaily

Odile Decq has unveiled the design for her first new residential building and luxury skyscraper in Barcelona, Spain. Called Antares, the project will be sited ...

First we take Manhattan: Red Arrows thrill during New York flypast  Metro Newspaper UK

THE Red Arrows have joined their US counterparts in a historic 19-aircraft flight down New York's Hudson River and around the Statue of Liberty. Hundreds of ...

One Bennett Park timelapse construction video  Curbed Chicago

Watch the 70-story tower rise 836 feet in less than a minute.

We’re Running Out Of Sand… And Cities Are To Blame  Forbes

Rapid urbanisation has created a world obsessed with concrete. Between 2011 and 2013, China used more concrete than the US did in the entire 20th century.

Canadian cities take wooden skyscrapers to new heights  The Guardian

British Columbia has doubled height limits allowed for timber towers – and countries around the world are following suit.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson named Forbes' highest paid actor of 2019  Mashable SE Asia

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has outdone himself financially this year: the actor and former wrestler was named No. 1 on Forbes' list of highest paid actors for ...

Edge fund: Rappellers drop from historic skyscraper to raise money for hospice  Stockton Record

STOCKTON — Phil Trompetter hadn't rappelled in about 25 years. And never had he descended anything as tall as the 11-story California Building in downtown ...

California's July earthquake caused vertigo and motion sickness in some people  Daily Mail

The July 5 seismic event with a 7.1 magnitude that struck Ridgecrest, California, located more than 120 miles from downtown Los Angeles, was the strongest ...

Visiting Charlotte like a fish out of water  The Chatham News + Record

The entertainment industry has forever and successfully mined a deep well of “fish out of water” stories. From “The Odyssey” to “Gulliver's Travels,” “A ...

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