Information on the worlds tallest Skyscrapers including Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101, and many more

Tallest Skyscrapers

 Tallest Skyscrapers Tallest Skyscrapers

This site is a showcase for the Tallest Skyscrapers and buildings in the world. The word skyscraper was first applied to such buildings in the late 19th century, reflecting public amazement at the tall buildings being built in New York City.

#1 - Burj Khalifa in Dubai 828m/2716ft, 162 Floors
#2 -
Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel
#3 - Taipei 101 in Taipei 509m/1671ft, 101 Floors
#4 - Shanghai World Financial Center 492m/1614ft
#5 - International Commerce Center,484m/1588ft
#6 - Petronas Towers 1+2 452m/1483ft

The structural definition of the word skyscraper was refined later by architectural historians, based on engineering developments of the 1880s that had enabled construction of tall multi-story buildings. This definition was based on the steel skeletonas opposed to constructions of load-bearing masonry, which passed their practical limit in 1891 with Chicago's Monadnock Building. Although Philadelphia's City Hall, completed in 1901, is the world's tallest load-bearing masonry structure - a title to which it still holds claim.

The steel frame developed in stages of increasing self-sufficiency, with several buildings in New York and Chicago advancing the technology that allowed the steel frame to carry a building on its own.

Today, however, many of the tallest skyscrapers are built more or less entirely with reinforced concrete. In the United States today, it is a loose convention to draw the lower limit on what is a skyscraper at 150 metres. Elsewhere, though, a shorter building will sometimes be referred to as a skyscraper, especially if it is said to "dominate" its surroundings. Thus, calling a building a skyscraper will usually, but not always, imply pride and achievement.

More and more skyscrapers, towers and buildings are being built in China and East Asia as there population grows and the race for every city to have more impressive space and buildings takes off.

Tallest Skyscrapers Skyscraper News

Glass skyscrapers are an environment disaster that could have been avoided  CityMetric

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that skyscrapers made of glass and steel “have no place in our city or our Earth anymore”. He argued that their ...

peter steinhauer captures the colorful bamboo scaffolding dressing hong kong's skyscrapers  Designboom

for over twenty years, award-winning photographer peter steinhauer has documented the colorful bamboo scaffolding which decorates hong kong's construction ...

Glass skyscrapers: a great environmental folly that could have been avoided  The Conversation - UK

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that skyscrapers made of glass and steel “have no place in our city or our Earth anymore”. He argued that their ...

Curious Kids: what's the tallest skyscraper it's possible to build?  The Conversation AU

Curious Kids is a series for children. If you have a question you'd like an expert to answer, send it to You might also like the ...

Robots find new job: Skyscraper window washers

A skyscraper window washer regularly ranks among the toughest jobs in the world.

Is it time to ban glass skyscrapers? | Opinion  Building Design

Ben Flatman asks why London's masonry vernacular has been ignored by so many of its tall buildings. Last month Bill de Blasio announced that New York is ...

Why Saudi Arabia is building the tallest building in the world  Washington Post

Quick quiz: What's the world's tallest building? At the moment, it's the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, at 828 meters — and the building claims bragging rights about having ...

Vertical waste processor wins conceptual skyscraper contest  Dezeen

A skyscraper that processes waste, an ice dam and a border-wall building are among projects recognised in the eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2019.

Glass skyscrapers need to be seriously reexamined  Archinect

Philip Johnson, after building his own Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, had this bit of advice to offer others in the field:

Glass skyscrapers: an environmental folly that could have been avoided  Architecture AU

Henrik Schoenefeldt argues that if architects “had paid more attention to the difficulties of building with glass, the great environmental damage wrought by ...

A sticky situation: Scarborough skyscrapers and the MRA's secrets  Sydney Morning Herald

Conflict of interest rules can be perfectly applied, yet still not pass the public sniff test, suggests the latest development in the Scarborough twin towers saga.

I toured the most expensive condo for sale in a Billionaires' Row skyscraper in NYC, a $58.5 million residence that spans the entire 87th floor. Here's what it looks like inside.  Business Insider

The most expensive unit for sale at 157 W. 57th St., known as One57, is a four-bedroom, full-floor residence for $58.5 million. One57 is one of several supertall ...

It’s not Manhattan, but Fargo now has its own iconic ‘skyscraper’ photo  St. Paul Pioneer Press

FARGO, N.D. — It is one of the most reproduced photos in American history: 11 construction workers seated on a beam more than 65 stories above the ...

manuel alvarez diestro depicts dubai's dense skyscrapers as a glossy desertic mirage  Designboom

spanish photographer manuel alvarez diestro explores desertic dubai's skyscrapers in his latest photography series. the visual artist's latest victim is the ...

Skyscraper thrill ride opens in Branson

BRANSON, Mo. -- It's official, the Skyscraper ride is now taking brave passengers in Branson.

13 Surprising Facts About Skyscrapers  Reader's Digest

There is a lot more behind those tall towers than just the steel beams, these skyscrapers have a lot of surprising secrets to reveal to you.

Battle of the elements: iron gave us skyscrapers and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Which is your favourite chemical element? To mark the International Year of the Periodic Table, our science journalists will be arguing for their pick from the 118 ...

Why do clouds form over the tops of Chicago’s skyscrapers?  WGN TV Chicago

Dear Tom, I have noticed that clouds sometimes form over the tops of Chicago's downtown buildings. Why is that? Orlin Sanders, Chicago Dear Orlin, These ...

De Blasio’s ‘Ban’ on Glass and Steel Skyscrapers Isn’t a Ban at All  The New York Times

New York City may require more eco-friendly building materials, but neither glass nor steel would be prohibited.

Approval for The Clipper will expand Downtown's core of skyscrapers  The Daily Memphian

The core, urban canyon created by Downtown's tallest towers will expand several blocks south, beyond Beale Street, under a zoning exception granted ...

Payout for family of Chinese daredevil who died while livestreaming a stunt  The Telegraph

A video livestreaming *service* has been ordered to pay out 30000 yuan (£3400) to the mother of a daredevil who plunged to his death from a 62-foot skyscraper ...

Dallas Skyscrapers May Be Pushing 40-Plus, But Investors Love Them Anyway  Bisnow

They may be dated but investors see value in Downtown Dallas' 40-year-old skyscrapers.

Herzog & de Meuron's Tour Triangle set to be built in Paris after passing final legal hurdle  Dezeen

The Tour Triangle, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, is poised to become the tallest skyscraper built in central Paris since 1973, after winning a lengthy court ...

These Last-Minute Summer Getaways From NYC Will Trade The Skyscrapers For New Sights  Elite Daily

It's very likely that the last thing on your mind right now is the end of summer. After all, the sunniest season of the year is just beginning, and you prepped your ...

Lightning zapped four of Chicago’s tallest skyscrapers at once Monday. Here’s how.  Washington Post

For most residents of the Windy City, Monday night's storms didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. But for Chicago-based freelance videographer Craig ...

Rappel down one of Vancouver's tallest skyscrapers for a good cause  Daily Hive

Ever wanted to walk down the side of a skyscraper and see Vancouver from a completely different angle? Well, Rope for Hope might be your chance.

Rising up: Here are Chicago’s 10 tallest towers in the works  The Real Deal

Chicago became the birthplace of the skyscraper in 1885, and more than a century later developers keep adding to its distinctive skyline. Today, Crescent ...

sebastian weiss photographs beijing skyscrapers, like porcelain plates in a blue sky  Designboom

with just enough blue in the sky to form a blank canvas over a city and just enough clouds to make a composition softer, sebastian weiss pointed his lens up.

Downtown Raleigh rezoning request could mean more skyscrapers  WTVD-TV

The owners of some of downtown Raleigh's oldest and most recognizable buildings are hoping the city will give them the option to one day build skyscrapers ...

New York city bans inefficient glass skyscrapers, WA state to end coal

Washington state will run completely on carbon neutral power by 2030 and New York city will spend $14bn on cutting its footprint, their governments announced ...

Floating cities and air-cleaning towers rise up in eVolo's 2019 Skyscraper Competition  New Atlas

The 2019 eVolo Skyscraper Competition winners have been announced. Light on practicalities but packed full of interesting ideas, the competition offers lots of ...

Manhattan's skyscrapers are in a vertical race that's transforming the city's skyline. Here are the 11 tallest buildings in NYC right now, ranked  Business Insider

The Empire State Building was once the world's tallest building, but now it's only the fifth-tallest in New York City.

Watch: UAE photographer Beno Saradzic shoots Dubai skyscrapers and time lapse with the just-launched Fujifilm GFX100  DigitalStudio ME

The 100 megapixel Fujifilm GFX 100 has revolutionised medium format cameras. With its large format sensor, the GFX100 demonstrates its appeal in video ...

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio: Steel and glass skyscrapers 'no longer allowed'  Politics

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has pitched a local "Green New Deal" which will ban the use of glass and steel to build skyscrapers in New York City.

The judges get it right with the 2019 Evolo Skyscraper Competition  Treehugger

Lots of great ideas for green building in this year's crop. It's Evolo Time, when we look at the skyscraper competition which "recognizes visionary ideas that ...

New York mayor's attack on glass skyscrapers causing a stir  The Fifth Estate

Last week news broke that New York City's mayor Bill de Blasio would be banning glass and steel buildings on the basis that they contribute a lot to climate ...

Skyscraper Window Cleaning Nightmare Plays Out In Real Life [Video]  2oceansvibe News

Two window washers in Oklahoma had to be rescued in dramatic fashion after their platform was whipped back and forth by high winds.

Was the Founder of the Bauhaus a Doctrinaire Bore or a Brilliant Innovator?  The New York Times

GROPIUS The Man Who Built the Bauhaus By Fiona MacCarthy. Walter Gropius has always seemed like the grayest man of the Bauhaus. Mies van der Rohe ...

Mumbai elevators: The new skyscrapers coming up have high-speed lifts, but many old buildings retain ill  Mumbai Mirror

Architect and urban conservationist Brinda Somaya says her ears pop when she rides the high-speed elevator that has become a musthave for most ...

City adding 31 skyscrapers by 2024  Toronto Sun

Look up in the sky Toronto.Does it feel like it's getting crowded up there?Point2Homes, an online real estate marketplace, is backing up what many Torontonians ...

Daredevil's skyscraper rooftop backflip  The Canberra Times

A motorcycle backflip seems ambitious enough without attempting the trick on top of Melbourne's tallest building. But that's what daredevil rider Jack Field d...

New York skyscraper ban is stark contrast to London's escalating skyline  New Civil Engineer

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that the city made famous by the likes of the Empire State building and Chrysler building is to ban the ...

Watch this robot clean skyscraper windows | News |  Sulphur Southwest Daily News

Skyline Robotics CEO Yaron Schwarcz tells CNN's Samuel Burke why the dangerous work of cleaning windows should be done by machines, even if that puts ...

Giant mega-crane arrives in Leeds to build 37-floor student skyscraper  Yorkshire Evening Post

A ginormous crane has arrived in Leeds this weekend as construction work continues on a 37-floor student skyscraper in the city centre.

City of London's tallest skyscraper set for topping out  New Civil Engineer

The tallest building in the City of London will be topped out today.

Skyscraper window washers cling on as platform spins out of control 50-storeys above the ground  The Independent

Terrifying footage shows two skyscraper window washers clinging to an out-of-control platform as it swings wildly through the air - 50-storeys above the ground.

Tower block that sucks up methane wins skyscraper contest  Daily Mail

The so-called Methanescraper, designed by Marko Dragicevic from Serbia, would sort an entire city's garbage, collects methane as it decomposes and converts ...

Adjaye Associates' First US Residential Skyscraper Tops Out in New York City  ArchDaily

The Adjaye Associates-designed 130 William has topped out in Lower Manhattan at 800 feet. The first residential skyscraper in the USA designed by the firm, ...

Perkins + Will Design the World's Tallest Wooden Skyscraper for Vancouver  ArchDaily

Perkins + Will have revealed a new design for the world's tallest wooden skyscraper in Vancouver. Called Canada Earth Tower, the mass timber project is ...

Live-streaming app to pay family after 'rooftopper' fell to death from 62-storey skyscraper in stunt  Daily Mail

A court in China has ordered a live-streaming platform to pay 30,000 yuan (£3,400) to a mother whose son fell to his death from the top of a 62-storey skyscraper ...

Window Washers Rescued From Basket 'Swinging Violently' Atop Oklahoma Skyscraper  NPR

Video posted by the Oklahoma City Fire Department shows an out-of-control basket at the top of the skyscraper wildly twisting in the wind with two workers on ...

Cyprus’ Tallest Skyscraper Nears Completion (video)  Greek Reporter

It was announced recently that the first apartments in the “360 Nicosia” skyscraper — the tallest building in Cyprus — will be open for tenancy by August, ...

Serbian “Methanescraper” wins ethical skyscraper competition - News - GCR  GCR

Three winners and 27 honourable mentions have been selected by judges for eVolo Magazine's 2019 Skyscraper Competition. In first place was Marko ...

KPF's replacement for Quill skyscraper in London Bridge approved  Architects Journal

KPF has won planning permission for a 39-storey skyscraper in London Bridge, a taller replacement for SPAARC's controversial but never-realised Quill tower.

eVolo magazine announces winners of the 2019 skyscraper competition  Designboom

eVolo announces the winners of the 2019 annual skyscraper competition. out of 478 projects received, a jury comprising a group of established architects ...

Architects designed a fin-shaped skyscraper made entirely of plastic. It's inspired by the Tower of Babel.  Business Insider

In thinking about new ways to reuse plastic, a pair of architects designed a plastic skyscraper that also serves as a 3D manufacturing center.

Q&A | Kenneth Kronholm returns to the U.S. to begin a new chapter with the Fire  Chicago Fire

The arrival in Chicago of goalkeeper Kenneth Kronholm -- the newest member of the Men In Red -- is the story of a journey come full circle. Born in Fort Belvoir, ...

Climb London's Weirdest Skyscraper At London Festival Of Architecture 2019  Londonist

You might have noticed this oddball cantilevered tower overshadowing Stratford. Manhattan Loft Gardens. It's called Manhattan Loft Gardens. It's not in ...

Watch implosion of Pennsylvania skyscraper, a landmark of steel industry’s glory days  Allentown Morning Call

Martin Tower, the landmark former headquarters of Bethlehem Steel, once the No. 2 steelmaker in the U.S. that provided the steel for everything from the Golden ...

De Blasio’s ‘Glass Skyscraper Ban’ Reveals Dark Agenda of Climate Movement  The Epoch Times

Commentary While visiting Central Europe in November and December 2018 in conjunction with the United Nations climate conference ...

This U.S. building code could topple California towers when the 'Big One' hits  National Post

Sure, California may get more big quakes than the rest of us, but the state has also done more than the rest to prepare for the Big One.

Philly skyscraper rappel: 2019 Outward Bound Building Adventure - On top of Philly news  Billy Penn

The fundraiser raised more than $200000 for the Philly chapter.

Eureka record bid: Motorcyclist's skyscraper backflip has nailbiting finish  7NEWS

A motorcyclist trying to set a record by doing a backflip on Melbourne's Eureka Tower has had a close call during his practice run. Freestyle motorcyclist Jake ...

Video Games Created by Middle School Students to Be Played on LED Array of Cira Centre Skyscraper to Open New Park, Drexel Square - DrexelNow  Drexel Now

The creativity of local students will be on full display this summer as the 29-story LED array of Brandywine Realty Trust's Cira Centre office building is once again ...

Cohen testified Trump attorney pushed him to lie to Congress about Moscow skyscraper  CBS News

Cohen told the House Intelligence Committee that Jay Sekulow instructed him to lie about the timing of negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Herzog & de Meuron's Triangle Tower—Paris's First New Skyscraper in Decades—Gets Greenlit  Architectural Digest

After nearly five years of intense back-and-forth deliberation, French courts have finally greenlit the Herzog & de Meuron–designed Triangle Tower in Paris.

130 william, david adjaye's residential skyscraper, tops out  Designboom

'130 william', the much-anticipated residential skyscraper designed by david adjaye, has topped out in new york. serving as a distinct addition to manhattan's ...

Skyscraper-depth Well Brings Clean Water to Rohingya Refugees - Bangladesh  ReliefWeb

English News and Press Release on Bangladesh about Water Sanitation Hygiene and Refugees; published on 17 May 2019 by IOM.

NYC’s older co-ops could face stiff penalties under city’s ‘Green New Deal’: report  Curbed NY

An analysis found that co-ops in Queens and other boroughs will likely face large fines in years to come.

Window cleaners' basket dangles precariously from skyscraper  AOL UK

Two workers had to be rescued from an "out of control" window washing basket at the top of Oklahoma City's Devon Tower on Wednesday morning.

India's jobs deficit: PM Modi's Gujarat project still far from expectations  Business Today

When he was chief minister of Gujarat in 2011, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off an ambitious project to develop a financial hub in the style of ...

Macy's Will Build Skyscraper On Top Of Herald Square Flagship  Gothamist

Its first quarter earnings were stronger than expected, and retailing behemoth Macy's is looking to capitalize even more with its valuable real estate.

'Westworld' Season 3 Trailer Pays Homage to a Famous NYC Photo  Inverse

Shortly after melting the Iron Throne in the series finale of 'Game of Thrones', HBO prepared its audience to re-enter 'Westworld'. The first trailer for Season 3, ...

An empty Liverpool street could soon become skyscraper central  Liverpool Echo

A skyscraper boom could be set to transform a Liverpool city centre street. Leeds Street is currently one of the least built-up areas in the city centre, surrounded ...

Quickly catch up on the day's business news  NBC2 News

By Brenna Cammeron, CNN Business Here's what you might have missed Friday from CNN Business:

Windsor man faces 2-5 years for firing gun after July fireworks  Journal Inquirer

A Windsor man who repeatedly fired a 9mm pistol as a crowd of people were leaving the Riverfest fireworks celebration in Hartford last July, doing $98000 in ...

David Adjaye's first NYC skyscraper in FiDi tops out at 800 feet  6Sqft

Construction at 130 William Street, starchitect David Adjaye's first skyscraper in New York City, topped out at 800 feet this week. The 66-story tower is making its ...

Family of Chinese rooftopper killed in fall sue live-streaming app, win US$4,300 compensation - Asean+  The Star Online

A Chinese live-streaming platform has been fined 30,000 yuan (US$4,300) for its role in the death of a “rooftopper” who plunged from a 62-storey building in ...

Macy’s Plans To Build Skyscraper Above Flagship Herald Square Store  CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Macy's Inc. confirmed this week the company plans to build a skyscraper above its flagship Herald Square store in Manhattan.

Fargo photographer recreates iconic NYC photo at Block 9  Bismarck Tribune

FARGO — It is one of the most reproduced photos in American history: 11 construction workers seated on a beam more than 65 stories above the Manhattan ...

AT&T skyscraper – a vacant 44-story office building in downtown St. Louis – may have a buyer  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Vacant since 2017, the AT&T skyscraper in downtown St. Louis may finally get a new owner.

Macy's will raise a skyscraper atop its Midtown flagship  Curbed NY

Midtown is bracing for a proliferation of new office towers, and one will sprout atop one of the neighborhood's most iconic buildings: the Macy's flagship on 34th ...

Steel firm agrees final settlement on Cheesegrater skyscraper bolt problems  The Business Desk

North Yorkshire-based structural steel firm Severfield has agreed a final settlement over the problems relating to the Cheesgrater project in London, which ...

Why 720 Angelenos Are Homeless  City Watch

THE CITY--The slow demolition of Parker Center is a reminder that by now we could have housed 720 homeless Angelenos inside the famed police building.

New York's glass skyscraper ban is not all bad news for the industry | British Glass  Glass on Web

The Extinction Rebellion protests that brought London to a standstill and Parliament's decision to declare a climate emergency have put climate change under a ...

Woolworth Building 'Pavilion' apartment with huge terrace wants $33.5M  Curbed NY

The Woolworth Building's crowning condos first hit the market all the way back in 2015, but it's only now that we're getting a peek inside some of the most ...

IOM, JICA build skyscraper-depth well to bring clean water to Rohingya refugees  Dhaka Tribune

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and partner Japan International Development Agency (JICA) have built a skyscraper-depth well to bring clean ...

The dark side of sumo wrestling – and the etiquette of watching a bout  The Telegraph

They rinse their mouths, sprinkle some salt, clap their hands, stamp their feet – and then, once the niceties are over, they charge at their opponent in a fast-paced ...

Suit filed to block Extell's Upper West Side skyscraper  Curbed NY

The suit comes after the city recently approved reconfigured plans for the 775-foot-tall tower.

Rockefeller Center skyscraper will offer overnight rentals via Airbnb  Curbed NY

A partnership between Airbnb and RXR Realty will create a hotel-like experience in a historic skyscraper.

MAD reveals "snowflake" design for China's Harbin Airport Terminal Three  Dezeen

Architecture firm MAD has proposed building a snowflake-shaped third terminal at Harbin Airport, China, which would feature indoor gardens for travellers.

Inside Trump Tower, the $300 million 'testament of Mr. Trump's grand vision' that is now reportedly one of New York's least-desirable luxury buildings  Business Insider

Trump Tower was once an icon in New York City near Central Park on Fifth Avenue, but that's changed since real estate tycoon Trump took office.

Buckhead skyscraper project tweaked to suit park over Ga. 400  Reporter Newspapers

Posted by John Ruch | May 7, 2019. Buckhead skyscraper project tweaked to suit park over Ga. 400. A parking capping Ga. 400 between Peachtree and Lenox ...

Skyscraper to blend progress with preservation on Austin's main strip  Austin Business Journal

For decades, the northeast corner of Eighth Street and Congress Avenue in downtown Austin sat vacant. Then along came Jim Ritts and Brad Nelsen with an ...

Beloved Dilworth gift shop Paper Skyscraper sold to local couple. Here’s what’s next  Charlotte Observer

The popular gift shop Paper Skyscraper in Charlotte NC has been sold to local couple Sybil and Bill Godwin, who have indicated they do not intend to make any ...

Dwayne Johnson: Saving the World, Film by Film  The New York Times

With “Hobbs & Shaw,” the actor continues his action film career as the world's savior. Here's a look at how he does it.

Buildings are killing up to 1bn birds a year in US, scientists estimate  The Guardian

New report ranks deadliest cities for feathered travelers, who often collide with glass-covered or illuminated buildings.

Taiwan holds first gay marriages in historic day for Asia  SBS

Taiwan's marriage equality law has officially taken effect, enabling same-sex marriages on the island - a first for Asia.

New York set to ban glass skyscrapers in bid to tackle climate change  The Independent

The building of glass skyscrapers could be banned in New York as part of a bid to cut greenhouse emissions by 30 per cent. Mayor Bill de Blasio said all-glass ...

US skyscrapers kill 600 million -- yes, million -- birds every year  CNN

Around 600 million birds die every year in the United States after striking tall buildings -- with Chicago, Houston and Dallas being especially deadly, according to ...

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